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As part of  The Edinburgh Whisky Trail, we have partnered with Jura whisky. This single malt epitomises the spirit of individuality, distilled on an island with just over 200 inhabitants, with only one road, one pub, and one whisky distillery. 

Come try some Jura with us, as a dram, part of a flight, in a highball or our signature serve cocktail. 

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Welcome to Jura: A few miles off the west coast of Scotland you'll find the island, and its eponymous whisky. The distillery was established in 1810 and reborn in 1963 to bring life back to the island and the community. Inspired by the history and their island home, Jura's whiskies reflect the unwavering passion and tenacity of the islanders, so it tastes distinctively better because it matters more to those who make it.

Jura Journey

It’s the journey, not the destination that shapes Jura. The path from its foundation to the revival of their distillery in 1963 has shaped the vibrant character of Jura's tiny island community and the whisky they make. This perfect marriage of Jura and hand selected American white oak ex bourbon casks results in notes of creamy vanilla, pecan pie and a touch of soft cinnamon and fresh pear. The ideal starting place for exploring the Jura range.

Alcohol: 40%abv

Size: 70cl